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The Broken Nest

What I saw today, I will remember all my life.

On this beautiful, sunny day, everything was shining, and it was nice to be outdoors enjoying the spring. In an alley nearby, there was a swallow's nest, and some children playing football.

The nest was low, and a strongly kick ball broke it in half. Five little birds fell into a wagon, with the bed full of hay. I cried out in shock, and the children remained silent, watching the small birds chirping fearfully.

I expressed my pain and my anger to the children. Then with courage and compassion, we took the small swallows and put them in a bowl.

While waiting for the mother swallow, which we hoped would return soon, we sat down in front of the broken nest, in an eerie silence, broken only by the chirping of the unfortunate little birds. We waited.

And mom swallow came back! But I had terrible chills, and my spirit was wounded, listening to her crying, as she saw the little, destroyed nest.
OH, MY GOD! cried Mother Swallow, and she seemed to go crazy.

Then she saw the little birds in the bowl. She immediately took one in her beak and flew away. And little later, she took another, and so on,
until she had taken all five away. We were all speechless and in awe at that scene.

Then Mother Swallow came back with little things in her beak, to repair the broken nest. And to our great surprise, behind her, came other swallows, one after another, with building materials in their beaks, flapped their wings, and all working together, smoothly and actively -- a cloud of swallows, bringing odds and ends in their becks !

What a great lesson in living, before our eyes ! May God be praised ; the broken nest was rebuilt and was warm and welcoming when we finally saw Mother Swallow, bringing her little ones back, one at a time, to their old home, back under the roof as before.

The children were speechless, as they took their ball to play again, but this time in the meadow. And I, drying my tears, breathed a sigh of relief, of gratitude, of love, of joy, and of contentment, for all the animals that live on this Earth.

daniela cesta

segnalata da daniela cesta mercoledì 11 giugno 2014

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Every day is our special morning,
covers the land, new hope,
between heaven and earth and air,
embraces the lonely,
like the arms of God, warm and welcoming,
and quiet in the heart of a newborn baby,
we deal with life.

daniela cesta

segnalata da daniela cesta mercoledì 19 febbraio 2014

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you expect a rose to grow without thorns?
So, you learn,... time, wear gloves!
...thick, garden gloves!

daniela cesta

segnalata da daniela cesta venerdì 24 gennaio 2014

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The true ballet can only begin when one has totally exhausted every limb, to the point that no wasted movement can ever be tolerated.

It is only then that the faithful dancer can begin to extend into those full glowing arches that none onther can ever produce.

Not one wasted motion, nothing done for pride or fame or love, just the dance in its purest form, in living liquid movement!

daniela cesta

segnalata da daniela cesta venerdì 24 gennaio 2014

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A flower is born in the dirt. A seed fell , alone and cold.
I forgot , now covered by the waste of all those who tower above her.
At least it is not so cold , now covered by waste . His broken heart , you reach down into the blackened ground . The moisture and grit can she Chaffe and feel unclean. But the heat from the leads to reach the top. The light , fresh air , causes it to break the surface of the ground. A new world around it, with vibrant images and sound , but a she just a blade of grass, a leaf here , a leaf turning out there. The days pass quickly as she climbs to new height , to new height ! Oh, but when will it appear , that it is something more than a simple leaf, something more than a page in a lifetime? Here , his spear , leaning ever so gently , slowly , day after day . Building , growing, largest , burst, straining to be released! And by miracle , somehow , a petal fly loose, set free ! FREE! And soon others will follow ! And the dream , once hidden under the earth now begins to develop , more valuable than any museum. In all its beauty glorous , no painter could ever equal , nor photograh can never fully capture the miracle of the height of its time . A honey bee gets a licking a thread of his gold from his lips , and produces wisdom for man. Who could have imagined such a thing !

daniela cesta

segnalata da daniela cesta venerdì 24 gennaio 2014

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